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Five Ways to Raise Your Value in the Workplace

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Keeping up with the Joneses isn't good enough in today's cutthroat business environment. You have to make an extra effort to stand out from the crowd and achieve professional success. In this post, we'll look at five areas that, when properly developed, may make you an indispensible asset at work and help you realize your full potential. One way to reach new heights of success is to learn what is required of them, put in the effort to develop personally, share the organization's values, produce outstanding outcomes, and take on leadership responsibilities.

1. Know what is expected of you

Find out what is required to be great at what you do, know what your benchmark of excellence is according to your employer or clients, then study it and adopt it as your own. Own it!

  • Have an uncompromising target – Don’t redefine excellence according to you or others if it gets too hard.

  • Don’t compare yourself with others. Keep your eye on the target.

  • Have an accurate target – If you don’t know exactly what is expected of you, find out.

  • Have a worthy target – Find out what the best in the industry do, and then do what they do. Be the best at what you do.

Knowing exactly what is expected of you will help you succeed in your position. Instead of redefining perfection when difficulties arise, set an unmovable goal for yourself. Instead, focus on your goals and work hard to achieve them. Seek knowledge from professionals in the field and model your actions after theirs to better understand your role and achieve success.

2. Personal Growth

"Develop yourself every day. If your future value is higher than your current value, people will pay you more now. John C. Maxwell

Grow yourself daily. People are willing to pay you more now, if they know you will be worth more down the road.

  • Be teachable and ask lots of questions. Learn from the experts and allow others to add value to you.

  • Accept and ask for constructive criticism. Don’t be easily offended and proud. Pride subtracts from your value.

  • Make yourself great, don’t just reach the goal. Become a person who naturally does the goal.

  • Learn how things work – Seek first to understand then to be understood. Listen more and speak less.

  • Take responsibility – Make no excuses and blame no one else for your difficulties.

  • Fail often – Own your failure, learn from them, and grow faster.

Improving oneself consistently is crucial to rising to higher levels of success. Keep an open mind, seek answers, and absorb the knowledge of those more experienced than you. Accept criticism without taking it personally; pride is a poor motivator. Instead than focusing merely on achieving goals, work to develop into the sort of person who is predisposed to doing so. Try to comprehend, pay attention, and assume duty for your actions. Accept setbacks as stepping stones to even greater success down the road.

3. Alignment

"If you want to add greater value to the organization, make sure your values are consistent with its. If they don't, look elsewhere. - Unidentified

If you wish to be more valuable, make sure that your values line up with the values of the organization. If they don’t, find somewhere that does.

  • Represent the organization with integrity and class at all times.

  • Protect the brand and reputation of the organization.

  • Take pride in your organization and be part of something bigger than you.

  • Work toward interdependance and synergy. Not independance and individualism.

  • Don’t out think your superiors, trust the system and commit to the them. If it’s a bad system, you are in the wrong place.

To maximize your value, it is essential that your own values coincide with those of your employer. Act with honesty and professionalism at all times to protect the company's name. Promote interdependence and synergy over individualism and take delight in contributing to a greater whole. Have faith in the system and stick with it, but don't be afraid to look elsewhere if you feel like you're not a good fit.

4. Results

Finish the job, reach the finish line and excel past expectations.

  • If you proclaim what you are capable of, then do it. Show that you are what you say.

  • Commit yourself to the desired outcomes. No one completes a task without a commitment.

  • Don’t try harder – Reject the “Try Harder” approach. It implies that effort is more important than outcomes.

  • Less is not more – Don’t show you can do what you are getting paid to do. Show you can do more than what you are getting paid to do. By doing so you may get even more to do and paid even more to do it.

Outstanding performance is the mark of a valuable worker. Take responsibility for your actions and see them through to completion. Put an end to the mantra of "trying harder" and shift your attention to producing actual outcomes. Show that you can go above and beyond the call of duty and continuously perform above and beyond expectations. Your chances of being given more responsibility and subsequently rewarded rise if you do so.

5. Leadership

The most crucial aspect of leadership is learning to lead oneself. However, your worth will increase exponentially if you can impart your skills and knowledge to those around you. John C. Maxwell

Leading your self is most important. But if you have the ability to influence others, you will multiply your value by infusing your abilities into others.

  • Leadership raises the value of everyone around them, thus raising your value.

  • Leadership is influence and has exponential growth. It multiplies your efforts rather than just adding to them.

  • Leadership is much harder to find, thus putting you in higher demand to others.

  • Leadership brings solutions to a world of problems, and order to a world of chaos.

  • Leadership raises the lid of your potential, and gives you financial leverage.

Having leadership skills can completely alter your value in the business world. The greater your influence, the more you need to lead yourself effectively. Influence amplifies your efforts rather than just adding to them, so don't be afraid to use it. The ability to lead others is highly prized and will make you invaluable to your organization. You demonstrate your worth as a solution provider by bringing order out of disarray. Leadership also provides financial power and opens doors to new opportunities, helping you reach your greatest potential.

An individual's dedication to self-improvement is ultimately what will determine whether they reach their maximum potential and become an asset to their employer.


You can rise above average performance and put yourself on the road to success by adhering to these guidelines. Keep in mind that achieving indispensability is not a quick fix. It calls for hard work, a thirst for knowledge, and the bravery to try new things. Embrace the process of self-improvement and your pursuit of professional success.

You will not only increase your personal worth by using these methods, but you will also motivate and encourage those around you. Your ability to inspire those around you will start off a chain reaction of success that will make you an asset to any company.

Leaders increase the worth of those around them, which in turn increases their own worth, as stated by John C. Maxwell. The power of a leader's influence grows at an exponential rate. Your efforts are multiplied, rather than simply added to, by this. Accept the difficulties, set an example, and see how your sway grows, leading to exciting new opportunities.

You may reach your full potential and become an important asset in the workplace if you know and surpass expectations, embrace personal growth, align your beliefs, produce extraordinary results, and embrace leadership. You'll find more and more success as you model these traits, and you'll also help the companies you serve thrive. Take advantage of this chance to establish yourself as a model of success and encourage others to follow in your footsteps. You are the first step on the road to greatness.

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