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Without a Plan, Outcomes Take on their Own Shape!

Step by Step Training by a Certified Leadership Coach.

Plan your day:

  • Morning Counts.

  • Dough Projections

  • Step by Step Task Process

  • Finishlines / Benchmarks

Plan your evening:

  • Pre-rush Product Counts

  • Pre-rush Checklist

  • Duty Assignments

  • Closing Checklist

Quartly Coaching Planner

  • Quarterly Goals (labor, food, service)

  • Quarterly Big Rock (daily focus points)

Rules of Operations

  • Rules of Planning (organization)

  • Rules of Production (efficiency)

  • Rules of Quality (freshness)

Attendance/Time Off

ToDo and LSM

Meeting Planner/Notes


The Cost is $25 per book / Store
Each book covers 3 periods
That's only $100 per year for a professional planner designed spefically for your store.

Purchase The first round through me. All repurchases will be easy online order and delivery.

Redbook Training on Zoom:

Complimentary Start up Training - basic functions (30 min)

Advanced Training (1 Hour )

  • $50 for 1 to 3 people

  • $100 for 3 or more

  • Ongoing - 50% off


The Redbook

Created for Papa Murphy's Leaders and Operators

Daily Operations Planner and Training Guide

20 Years of Fine Tuning

Redbook Training

Redbook Training

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