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Who is the Captain
of your ship?
or the Ship?


"I'm not just a coach.
I've been a Papa Murphy's
Franchisee since 2004"

We help you build a commercial profitable enterprise that works without you.

Leadership Hurdles

Leadership Hurdles

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  • Always running one step behind.

  • Can't seem to attract good talent.

  • No time to do the important things.

Tired of chasing your tail?

You are not alone!
All leaders pass through this stage. 
The question is, how long will they stay there, and what is standing in the way?

What will happen if you don't take the next step?

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Been There...

...Done That

It started great...

Several years ago, my two business partners and I opened 3 Papa Murphys restaurants within a 7-month period.  Soon after we learned of the opportunity to purchase 4 more and thought, “Why not?”.  Things were all good, until they weren’t.  Being the operating partner, it was my responsibility to be the leader of the organization.

... then it got hard

I soon found myself upside down, in way over my head and chasing my tail.  I was failing my partners, my employees, my customers, and my family.  Something had to change.  I was on the brink of breaking.
After spending my efforts blaming everyone else for my circumstances, I realized that I was in the exact situation that my ill-informed, hasty choices had led me to.   I ran out of excuses and eventually fell to my knees.  I needed to take 100% responsibility for my past choices as well as my future success.  I became a student of leadership and immediately began learning how my bad leadership model had led me astray.

... then it got REAL

... then I woke up

I soon learned a new, but oddly familiar leadership model.  It would cost me all I am but created in me a new fully empowered leader.  No more shortcuts. I was all in. I learned the secret to success.  Hint … It is not about me. 

... now I am fully awake and alive!

My mission is to awaken business leaders, move them past their personal hurdles to a place of personal empowerment.  Only empowered leaders can empower leaders.  Let me share what I have learned with you.  Click HERE to if you are curious to know more about how you can experience transformation in your life, your leadership, and your business.  Coaching is my business. Transformation is my passion!

Because It's Not About Me Anymore!

Raise Your Awareness

Raise Your Value

Raise Your Impact

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