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Join The Restaraunt Leadership Academy live leadership training on Zoom every 3rd Wednesday at 4pm CT.

It's Free!

Join the FB Group for more details on training times.


Tired of working for Bosses?

  • ...leaders that use authority, guilt, and other manipulative techniques to bend you to their will.

  • ...leaders that allow turkeys to rule the roost chasing away all the eagles?

  • ...leaders that are emotionally controlled by their environment?

  • ...leaders that allow problems to fester without addressing them, because they don't know how?

  • ...leaders that don't appreciate your contributions?

  • ...leaders that don't take responsibility and blame everyone else for the condition of the business?

We are Entreprenuers that specialize in Leadership Development and Empowerment Coaching.

We awaken leaders, empower them, and launch them into action!

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All of our Managers receives monthly Professional Leadership Development training and weekly Individual Empowerment Coaching from trained leaders.

Here is a taste of what we teach...