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Our Coaching Process

Learn to navigate your way through anything by understanding how stuff works.

Get real, get serious, get results!

Be honest with youreself and stop making excuses.

Unlock your imagination to what could be.

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Set yourself up to succeed by feeding the right impulses.

Take the leap, commit to a better way of thinking,
a better you!



Onboarding is the beginning of the process. It is important to establish what is to be expected from the coach and the client.  It also helps to establish what a successful coaching program will look like when both parties are in sync and committed to a defined successful outcome. It will take a full committment on both sides.



Discovery is the process that helps the coach understand and learn about your vision and purpose.  If there is uncertainty, we can help you discover your purpose and develop your vision for the future. It is important to build transparancy and trust before we begin to work on the solutions. This stage can be an eye opener for many.



Clarity is simply cutting through the crap.  Let's face it, we are all bombarded with so many ideas, theories and strategies, we often get overwhelmed with to many possible avenues to choose from and the pressures coming at us.  Whether you are trying to get past an obsticle, or wanting to get to your next level, this stage will help bring understanding and clarity to where we are and where we need to go.



Strategy is tricky. It's nearly impossible to establish a clear path to a destiny we have never been.  A gifted stratigic coach can help you think outside the box to discover ideas and solutions you likely have never considered.  That's becasue we only know what is in the box until someone leads us out of it. Be prepared to be stretched and challenged to broaden your perspective to include better ideas and systems to help you become an expert problem solver!



Focus is the oposite of distraction. There are so many distractions that lead us away from what we should be spending our time and efforts on. You will learn the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) and how to use it to help eliminate your time wasters and any activity or thoughts that keep you from moving closer toward your vision. You will learn the art of letting go of limiting thoughts, unproductive tasks, obsessive control and learn how to compartmentalize and control your thinking.  This is an eye opener for most leaders!

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Whatever we don't measure, we leave up to chance.  It is not enough to get on the right path, but you need to stay on the right path, make adjustments and persevere through adversity and develop healthy habits that take you into a state of mastery and excution.  Keeping you on track by teaching you a system using "boundaries and guardrails" will give you the structure to keep you moving toward the purpose you were made for. This is the stage that brings us a sense of great self-worth and satisfaction.  Victory is the best feeling in the world!

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