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We awaken business leaders, empower them, and launch them into action!

Coaching That Moves Small Business Leaders Beyond Their Personal Hurdles

We can help you turn your barriers that keep you stuck into hurdles that launch you forward.

Raise Your Awareness

Raise Your Value

Raise Your Impact


Attention small business leaders! Are you struggling to attract top talent to your team?

"Overcome the 10 Personal Challenges of Effectively Recruiting Talent for Your Small Business"

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What will happen if you don't
take the next step?

We Will Help You...

Empower Yourself

Empower Your Team

Empower Your Business

Get Started Designing You!

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your plan

Maximize your


What People Are Saying

“It is vital for those of us who are in the coaching profession, that we are making the investment in others who will coach us.  I am grateful to have Joel as one of those coaches that is helping me to clarify, focus, and build my own coaching business.  He brings encouragement, challenge, and insight to our sessions.  His “Five Hurdles” program is one that is I believe is amazing, and it will bring about significant results for those who have the pleasure of going through it with him.”

Dr. Greg Gilbaugh

The Family Dental Center

The Kalos Business Group

“Joel Smith is one of the most effective leaders I have had the pleasure to work with. He has keen insight into what makes people tick and how to help them reach their fullest potential. If you are looking for a coach, Joel would be a great choice, he will help you get to where you want to go.”


Bob Sorensen


SevenVerbs, LLC

“It is one thing achieve your personal goals in life.  It is quite another to help others do the same.  Joel has done both.  He has been a valuable coach in helping me grow as a leader who aspires to help others become what God designed them to become.”


Brooks Simpson

Lead Pastor

Grace Community Church

North Liberty, Iowa

“Joel's strengths are his vision, his integrity, and his practical nature, all for the purpose of bringing out others' potential. Joel can not only encourage a person's dreams, but he can also help them create practical action steps to help them get there. Joel can balance learning new things - like new technology - and keep a focus on the fundamentals - like leadership best practices and strategic thinking. He's the total package!”

Barb Ranck

Life Coach

CI Coaching & Development

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